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allowing Project.validate with no argument

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 When using rope as a library you probably change the files in it in
 parallel (for example in IDEs).  To force rope to invalidate cached
 information about resources that have been removed or changed outside
-rope you should call `Project.validate()`_ method.  You should pass a
+rope you should call `Project.validate()`_ method.  You can pass a
 resource to this method.  For example::
-  myproject.validate(myproject.root)
+  myproject.validate()
 validates all files and directories in the project.  So call this
 function every time you want use rope (before performing refactorings,


         if self._ropefolder_name is not None:
             return self.get_folder(self._ropefolder_name)
+    def validate(self, folder=None):
+        if folder is None:
+            folder = self.root
+        super(Project, self).validate(folder)
     root = property(lambda self: self.get_resource(''))
     address = property(lambda self: self._address)
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