Dot Files

Basically things I like to keep handy for setting up a new machine.


  1. my .vimrc file everything I like to use with vim.
  2. colors/ - some color schemes for vim.
  3. fish/ - fish shell configuration and customization.
  4. misc/ - everything else.

Install (for vim)

(requires git and mercurial installed)

    # pick an your favorite location
    $ cd /path/to/code-folder

    # clone the repo
    $ hg clone
    $ cd dotfiles

    # copy .vimrc to home dir
    $ cp .vimrc ~

    # create .vim/{plugged,autoload,syntax,color} dirs (if not already there)
    $ mkdir -p ~/.vim/{plugged,autoload}

    # install the vim-plug plugin manager
    $ curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim \

    # copy all the fancy themes
    $ cp -r colors/* ~/.vim/color/

    # open vim and run

    # when done, restart vim and you should be good to go