The Legend of Zelda: Oni Link Begins (OpenDingux Version [A320/GCW0])

Title Screen

This is the second game of a trilogy developed by fans. My intention is to build all the three for OpenDingux.

Original code: Vincent Jouillat

History / Changelog


  • GCW-Zero alpha release


  • OpenDingux release


  • First release



  • Move the pointer - D-Pad;
  • Confirm - Start;
  • Quit the game - Select.

Game Play

  • Move Link - D-Pad
  • Run - Hold A (if you own boots)
  • Use the sword - B (if you own a sword)
  • Great technique - B to load, release when fully charged (after the tone) to use a spin attack.
  • Look around - R + D-Pad (outside dungeons)
  • Use selected object - Y (only when the selected object is useable)
  • Use gloves - A
  • See the map - X (outside or in a dungeon)
  • See defeated monsters - L (after finding it)
  • Teleportation - R (in a dungeon as Oni Link)
  • Open a chest/Read/Speak - B
  • Select/Confirm/Pass - Start
  • Access/Quit the selection item menu - Start
  • Quit/Save - Select

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