The Legend of Zelda - Return of the Hylian (OpenDingux Version [A320/GCW0])

Title Screen

This is the first game of a trilogy developed by fans. My intention is to build all the three for OpenDingux.

Original code: Vincent Jouillat

History / Changelog

V1.3.1 (28/08/2013)

  • GCW-Zero alpha release

V1.3 (09/07/2012)

  • OpenDingux release

V1.2 (19/08/2010)

Improvements / Fixes

  • Fixed minor memory leaks, mentioned in the previous version (thanks again hmn).

v1.1 (08/08/2010)


  • Finally fixed the random freezing issue (thanks hmn & sebt3 from forum);
  • Fixed a major memory leak that caused the system to hang after loading a save;
  • Buttons remapped to look more like the SNES version (with minimal code changes).

The buttons are mapped as follows:

  • Start - Confirm;
  • Select - Opens menu to save the game;
  • A - Run / Lift;
  • B - Attack / Read plates / Talk / Open chests (press and hold);
  • Y - Use selected item;
  • X - Map;
  • R + D-pad - Look around.;
  • L - Monster encyclopedia (missed in the previous version)

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