Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed 7a9a62b

Fix lexing of Dylan string and char literals (#628).

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 - Support line continuations in the INI lexer (#494).
+- Fix lexing of Dylan string and char literals (#628).
 Version 1.3.1


     'DiffLexer': ('pygments.lexers.text', 'Diff', ('diff', 'udiff'), ('*.diff', '*.patch'), ('text/x-diff', 'text/x-patch')),
     'DjangoLexer': ('pygments.lexers.templates', 'Django/Jinja', ('django', 'jinja'), (), ('application/x-django-templating', 'application/x-jinja')),
     'DuelLexer': ('pygments.lexers.web', 'Duel', ('duel', 'Duel Engine', 'Duel View', 'JBST', 'jbst', 'JsonML+BST'), ('*.duel', '*.jbst'), ('text/x-duel', 'text/x-jbst')),
-    'DylanLexer': ('pygments.lexers.compiled', 'Dylan', ('dylan',), ('*.dylan',), ('text/x-dylan',)),
+    'DylanLexer': ('pygments.lexers.compiled', 'Dylan', ('dylan',), ('*.dylan', '*.dyl'), ('text/x-dylan',)),
     'ErbLexer': ('pygments.lexers.templates', 'ERB', ('erb',), (), ('application/x-ruby-templating',)),
     'ErlangLexer': ('pygments.lexers.functional', 'Erlang', ('erlang',), ('*.erl', '*.hrl'), ('text/x-erlang',)),
     'ErlangShellLexer': ('pygments.lexers.functional', 'Erlang erl session', ('erl',), ('*.erl-sh',), ('text/x-erl-shellsession',)),


     name = 'Dylan'
     aliases = ['dylan']
-    filenames = ['*.dylan']
+    filenames = ['*.dylan', '*.dyl']
     mimetypes = ['text/x-dylan']
     flags = re.DOTALL
              r'|v(ariable|irtual))\b', Name.Builtin),
             (r'<\w+>', Keyword.Type),
-            (r'#?"(?:\\.|[^"])+?"', String.Double),
             (r'//.*?\n', Comment.Single),
             (r'/\*[\w\W]*?\*/', Comment.Multiline),
-            (r'\'.*?\'', String.Single),
+            (r'"', String, 'string'),
+            (r"'(\\.|\\[0-7]{1,3}|\\x[a-fA-F0-9]{1,2}|[^\\\'\n])'", String.Char),
             (r'#[a-zA-Z0-9-]+', Keyword),
             (r'[a-zA-Z0-9-]+', Name.Variable),
+        'string': [
+            (r'"', String, '#pop'),
+            (r'\\([\\abfnrtv"\']|x[a-fA-F0-9]{2,4}|[0-7]{1,3})', String.Escape),
+            (r'[^\\"\n]+', String), # all other characters
+            (r'\\\n', String), # line continuation
+            (r'\\', String), # stray backslash
+        ],


     init-value: #f;
 end class <car>;
+define constant $empty-string = "";
+define constant $escaped-backslash = '\\';
+define constant $escaped-single-quote = '\'';
 define variable *unique-serial-number* = 0;
 define function unique-serial-number() => (usn :: <integer>)
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