Jason R. Coombs committed 6ac9f27

Extract 'encode_header_items' classmethod from HeaderMap.output. Now another function can prepare a header list the same way _cprequest does in .finalize.
Updated customheaders documentation to use the new .encode_header_items to ensure the example doesn't fail on Python 3 with a TypeError. Fixes #1177.

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     def output(self):
         """Transform self into a list of (name, value) tuples."""
-        header_list = []
-        for k, v in self.items():
+        return list(self.encode_header_items(self.items()))
+    def encode_header_items(cls, header_items):
+        """
+        Prepare the sequence of name, value tuples into a form suitable for
+        transmitting on the wire for HTTP.
+        """
+        for k, v in header_items:
             if isinstance(k, unicodestr):
-                k = self.encode(k)
+                k = cls.encode(k)
             if not isinstance(v, basestring):
                 v = str(v)
             if isinstance(v, unicodestr):
-                v = self.encode(v)
+                v = cls.encode(v)
             # See header_translate_* constants above.
             # Replace only if you really know what you're doing.
             k = k.translate(header_translate_table, header_translate_deletechars)
             v = v.translate(header_translate_table, header_translate_deletechars)
-            header_list.append((k, v))
-        return header_list
+            yield (k, v)
+    encode_header_items = classmethod(encode_header_items)
-    def encode(self, v):
+    def encode(cls, v):
         """Return the given header name or value, encoded for HTTP output."""
-        for enc in self.encodings:
+        for enc in cls.encodings:
                 return v.encode(enc)
             except UnicodeEncodeError:
-        if self.protocol == (1, 1) and self.use_rfc_2047:
+        if cls.protocol == (1, 1) and cls.use_rfc_2047:
             # Encode RFC-2047 TEXT
             # (e.g. u"\u8200" -> "=?utf-8?b?6IiA?=").
             # We do our own here instead of using the email module
         raise ValueError("Could not encode header part %r using "
                          "any of the encodings %r." %
-                         (v, self.encodings))
+                         (v, cls.encodings))
+    encode = classmethod(encode)
 class Host(object):
     """An internet address.


     import cherrypy
     def multi_headers():
-        cherrypy.response.header_list.extend(cherrypy.response.multiheaders)
+        cherrypy.response.header_list.extend(
+            cherrypy.response.headers.encode_header_items(
+                cherrypy.response.multiheaders)) = cherrypy.Tool('on_end_resource', multi_headers)
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