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Got rid of the boilerplate.

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-The README is used to introduce the module and provide instructions on
-how to install the module, any machine dependencies it may have (for
-example C compilers and installed libraries) and any other information
-that should be provided before the module is installed.
+This is a generator for ABC Path puzzle games. It uses a portable random number
+generator and different results can be specified using a different seed.
-A README file is required for CPAN modules since CPAN extracts the README
-file from a module distribution so that people browsing the archive
-can use it to get an idea of the module's uses. It is usually a good idea
-to provide version information here so that people can decide whether
-fixes for the module are worth downloading.
+For more information, see:
+* http://www.brainbashers.com/abcpath.asp
+* http://www.shlomifish.org/open-source/projects/japanese-puzzle-games/abc-path/

File abc-path/Games-ABC_Path-Generator/lib/Games/ABC_Path/Generator/App.pm

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 =head1 NAME
-Games::ABC_Path::Generator::App - The great new Games::ABC_Path::Generator::App!
+Games::ABC_Path::Generator::App - command line application for the ABC Path generator.
 =head1 VERSION
 =head1 SYNOPSIS
-Quick summary of what the module does.
-Perhaps a little code snippet.
     use Games::ABC_Path::Generator::App;
     my $app = Games::ABC_Path::Generator::App->new({ argv => [@ARGV], },);
 =head1 AUTHOR
-Shlomi Fish, C<< <shlomif at cpan.org> >>
+Shlomi Fish, L<http://www.shlomifish.org/> .
 =head1 BUGS

File abc-path/Games-ABC_Path-Generator/t/boilerplate.t

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 TODO: {
-  local $TODO = "Need to replace the boilerplate text";
+    # local $TODO = "Need to replace the boilerplate text";
   not_in_file_ok(README =>
     "The README is used..."       => qr/The README is used/,