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File abc-path/Games-ABC_Path-Generator/lib/Games/ABC_Path/

 =head1 NAME
-Games::ABC_Path::Generator - The great new Games::ABC_Path::Generator!
+Games::ABC_Path::Generator - a generator for ABC Path puzzle games.
 =head1 VERSION
 =head1 SYNOPSIS
-Quick summary of what the module does.
-Perhaps a little code snippet.
     use Games::ABC_Path::Generator;
-    my $foo = Games::ABC_Path::Generator->new();
-    ...
+    my $gen = Games::ABC_Path::Generator->new({seed => 1});
-=head1 EXPORT
-A list of functions that can be exported.  You can delete this section
-if you don't export anything, such as for a purely object-oriented module.
+    # Returns a Games::ABC_Path::Generator::Riddle object.
+    my $riddle = $gen->calc_riddle();
+=head2 my $gen = Games::ABC_Path::Generator->new({seed => $seed}); 
+Initialised a new generator with the random number generator seed $seed .
 sub _init