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Add the 2010-12-21 layout and now reading the board (without processing it.)

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         confess "X $y out of range.";
-    if (not 
+    if (not
         ($verdict == $ABCP_VERDICT_NO)
         || ($verdict == $ABCP_VERDICT_MAYBE)
         || ($verdict == $ABCP_VERDICT_YES)
+my @letters = (qw(A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y));
+# Input the board.
+my $board_fn = shift(@ARGV);
+open my $in_fh, "<", $board_fn
+    or die "Cannot open '$board_fn' - $!";
+my $first_line = <$in_fh>;
+my $magic = 'ABC Path Solver Layout Version 1:';
+if ($first_line !~ m{\A\Q$magic\E\s*\z})
+    die "Can only process files whose first line is '$magic'!";
+my $layout_string = '';
+foreach my $line_idx (1 .. 7)
+    chomp(my $line = <$in_fh>);
+    $layout_string .= "$line\n";
+print $layout_string;


+ABC Path Solver Layout Version 1:
+J    AK
+E     L
+U     F
+Y     P
+R     S
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