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Revision history for Games-ABC_Path-Solver

0.3.0   Thu Feb 23 18:53:51 IST 2012
        - Extract the class lib/Games/ABC_Path/Solver/ .
            - Backwards incompatible change: get_var for 'coords'/etc.
            in Games::ABC_Path::Solver::Move now returns them instead of
            an [x,y] array ref.

0.2.0   Sat Jul 23 21:22:17 IDT 2011
        - Create lib/Games/ABC_Path/Solver/ based on the one 
        from Games::ABC_Path::Generator.
        - Merge common functionality into lib/Games/ABC_Path/Solver/ .

0.1.0   Wed Jul 20 20:34:01 IDT 2011
        - Add the input_from_v1_string class method to input from a version
        1 string, so there will be a way to input from something besides
        a file.
        - Add the scripts/ file to tag a release in the
        Subversion repository.

        - Encapsulated scripts/abc-path-solve inside
        lib/Games/ABC_Path/Solver/ .
        - Add POD to scripts/abc-path-solve

0.0.2   Mon Jan 10 12:24:28 IST 2011
        - Add the missing Test::Differences to the build_requires. It caused
        some build failures.
        - Add scripts/ .

0.0.1   Sun Jan  9 20:37:26 IST 2011
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
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