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AsciiDoc README File

AsciiDoc is written in Python so you need a Python interpreter
(version 2.4 or later) to execute asciidoc(1). Python is installed by
default in most Linux distributions.  You can download Python from the
official Python website

Obtaining AsciiDoc
Documentation and installation instructions are on the AsciiDoc

Current AsciiDoc version tested on Xubuntu Linux 10.04 with:

- Python 2.6.5
- DocBook XSL Stylesheets 1.75.2
- xsltproc (libxml 20706, libxslt 10126 and libexslt 815).
- w3m 0.5.2
- dblatex 0.3
- FOP 0.95
- A-A-P 1.091

Copyright (C) 2002-2010 Stuart Rackham. Free use of this software
is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Recent activity

Shlomi Fish

Commits by Shlomi Fish were pushed to shlomif/asciidoc

e520b2b - DocBook 5.0 fixes. 1. change <bookinfo>, <articleinfo> , etc. to <info>. 2. Add the xmlns="" and other attributes to the opening tag. 3. Remove the ...
Shlomi Fish

Commits by Shlomi Fish were pushed to shlomif/asciidoc

a8aef24 - Add the DocBook 5.0 configuration. docbook50.conf may not work 100% well still - still needs some testing to do.
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