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- Documentation updates.

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 import zipfile
 PROG = os.path.basename(os.path.splitext(__file__)[0])
-VERSION = '8.6.4_beta_1'
+VERSION = '8.6.4'
 # AsciiDoc global configuration file directory.
 # NOTE: CONF_DIR is "fixed up" by Makefile -- don't rename or change syntax.
 import sys, os, re, time, traceback, tempfile, subprocess, codecs, locale, unicodedata
 ### Used by ###
-VERSION = '8.6.4_beta_1'           # See CHANGLOG file for version history.
+VERSION = '8.6.4'           # See CHANGLOG file for version history.
 MIN_PYTHON_VERSION = 2.4    # Require this version of Python or better.
 # Executed by all main.aap's before anything else.
-_parent.VERS = 8.6.4_beta_1
+_parent.VERS = 8.6.4
 _parent.DATE = 17 February 2011
-AC_INIT(asciidoc, 8.6.4_beta_1)
+AC_INIT(asciidoc, 8.6.4)


 AsciiDoc link:userguide#X59[filters] allow external commands to
-process AsciiDoc 'Paragraphs', 'DelimitedBlocks' and 'Table' content.
+process AsciiDoc 'Paragraph', 'DelimitedBlock' and 'Table' contents.
 Filters are primarily an extension mechanism for generating
 specialized outputs. Filters are available as external
 <<_filter_plugins,plugins>> and come


 It's probably also worth pointing out that LaTeX output can be
 generated by passing AsciiDoc generated DocBook through `dblatex(1)`.
+Patches and bug reports
+Patches and bug reports are are encouraged, but please try to follow
+these guidelines:
+- Post bug reports and patches to the
+[asciidoc discussion list],
+  this keeps things transparent and gives everyone a chance to
+  comment.
+- The email subject line should be a specific and concise topic
+  summary. Commonly accepted subject line prefixes such as '[ANN]',
+  '[PATCH]' and '[SOLVED]' are good.
+=== Bug reports
+- When reporting problems please illustrate the problem with the
+  smallest possible example that replicates the issue (and please test
+  your example before posting). This technique will also help to
+  eliminate red herrings before you post the problem.
+- Paste the commands that you executed along with any relevant
+  outputs.
+- Include the version of AsciiDoc and the platform you're running it
+  on.
+- If you can program please consider writing a patch to fix the
+  problem.
+=== Patches
+- Keep patches small and atomic (one issue per patch) -- no patch
+  bombs.
+- If possible test your patch against the current trunk.
+- If your patch adds or modifies functionality include a short example
+  that illustrates the changes.
+- Send patches in `diff -u` format, inline inside the mail message is
+  usually best; if it is a very long patch then send it as an
+  attachment.
+- Include documentation updates if you're up to it; otherwise insert
+  'TODO' comments at relevant places in the documentation.