Stuart Rackham  committed 4b55a0d

Floating titles can now appear in sidebar and list blocks.

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                 attrlist[k] = Lex.subs_1(v[1:-1],SUBS_NORMAL)
+    def style():
+        return AttributeList.attrs.get('style') or AttributeList.attrs.get('1')
+    @staticmethod
     def consume(d):
         """Add attribute list to the dictionary 'd' and reset the
         isempty = True
         next =
         while next and next is not terminator:
-            if next is Title and isinstance(terminator,DelimitedBlock):
+            if (isinstance(terminator,DelimitedBlock)
+                and next is Title and != 'float'):
                 error('section title not permitted in delimited block')
             next =
-            if next is Title and AttributeList.attrs.get('1') == 'float':
+            if next is Title and == 'float':
                 # Process floating titles.
                 template = 'floatingtitle'
                 if template in config.sections:
         self.listindex = 0
         # Process list till list syntax, style or title  changes.
-        while is self and not (AttributeList.attrs.get('1')
-                                          or AttributeList.attrs.get('style')
+        while is self and not (
                                           or BlockTitle.title):
             self.listindex += 1
             document.attributes['listindex'] = str(self.listindex)