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asciidoc / help.conf

# AsciiDoc help file.
# INI section format, each section contains a topic.
# Displayed with 'asciidoc --help sectionname' command.

# Default help topic.

Man page:     asciidoc --help manpage
Syntax:       asciidoc --help syntax



   asciidoc - converts an AsciiDoc text file to DocBook, HTML or LinuxDoc


   asciidoc [OPTIONS] FILE


   The asciidoc(1) command translates the AsciiDoc text file FILE to a
   DocBook, HTML or LinuxDoc file. If FILE is - then the standard input is


   -a, --attribute=ATTRIBUTE
          Define or delete document attribute. ATTRIBUTE is formatted like
          NAME=VALUE. Command-line attributes take precedence over
          document and configuration file attributes. Alternate acceptable
          forms are NAME (the VALUE defaults to an empty string); NAME!
          (delete the NAME attribute); NAME@ (do not override document or
          configuration file attributes). Values containing spaces should
          be enclosed in double-quote characters. This option may be
          specified more than once.

   -b, --backend=BACKEND
          Backend output file format: docbook, xhtml11 or html4. Defaults
          to xhtml11.

   -f, --conf-file=CONF_FILE
          Use configuration file CONF_FILE.Configuration files processed
          in command-line order (after implicit configuration files). This
          option may be specified more than once.

   -d, --doctype=DOCTYPE
          Document type: article, manpage or book. The book document type
          is only supported by the docbook backend. Default document type
          is article.

   -c, --dump-conf
          Dump configuration to stdout.

   -h, --help[=TOPIC]
          Print help TOPIC. --help=topics will print a list of help
          topics, --help=syntax summarizes AsciiDoc syntax, --help=manpage
          prints the AsciiDoc manpage.

   -e, --no-conf
          Exclude implicitly loaded configuration files except for those
          named like the input file (infile.conf and infile-backend.conf).

   -s, --no-header-footer
          Suppress document header and footer output.

   -o, --out-file=OUT_FILE
          Write output to file OUT_FILE. Defaults to the base name of
          input file with backend extension. If the input is stdin then
          the outfile defaults to stdout. If OUT_FILE is - then the
          standard output is used.

   -n, --section-numbers
          Auto-number HTML article section titles. Synonym for -a

          Disable safe mode. Safe mode is enabled by default, disabling it
          is potentially dangerous.

   -v, --verbose
          Verbosely print processing information and configuration file
          checks to stderr.

          Print program version number.



          Failure (syntax or usage error; configuration error; document
          processing failure; unexpected error).


   See the AsciiDoc distribution BUGS file.


   Written by Stuart Rackham, <srackham@gmail.com>


   SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/asciidoc/

   Main web site: http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/


   Copyright (C) 2002-2008 Stuart Rackham. Free use of this software is
   granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


AsciiDoc Markup Syntax Summary

A summary of the most often used markup.
For a complete reference see the 'AsciiDoc User Guide'.

Text formatting
  *bold text*                 (boldface font)
  _emphasized text_           (normally italics)
  'emphasized text'
  +monospaced text+           (proportional font)
  `monospaced text`

Document links
  [[id]]                      (define link target)
  <<id,caption>>              (link to target id)
  link:filename#id[caption]   (link to external HTML file)

  Use normal URL and email addess syntax or:

  http:address[caption]       (link to web page)
  mailto:address[caption]     (link to mail recipient)

  image:filename[caption]     (inline image)
  image::filename[caption]    (block image)

Document header

  The Document Title
  author <email>            (optional)
  revision, date            (optional)

Section title underlines
  Level 0 (document title):  ======================
  Level 1:                   ----------------------
  Level 2:                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Level 3:                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  Level 4 (bottom level):    ++++++++++++++++++++++

Delimited blocks
Delimiters must begin at left margin.

  listing block

  literal block

  sidebar block

  [style, author, cite]       (optional)
  quote block

  example block

  comment block

More block elements
  [attributes list]           (Note 1)
  .Block title                (Note 1)
  // Comment line             (Note 1)
  include::filename[]         (Note 1)

Note 1: Begin at the left margin.

More inline elements
  footnote:[footnote text]    (document footnote)