asciidoc / INSTALL.txt

AsciiDoc Installation

NOTE: The current version of AsciiDoc requires *Python 2.4 or newer*
to run.  If you don't already have an up-to-date version of Python
installed it can be downloaded from the official Python website

The latest AsciiDoc downloads can be found on the AsciiDoc website and at the

Prepackaged AsciiDoc installation
The AsciiDoc[downloads page]
lists AsciiDoc packages for various Linux distributions.

Distribution tarball installation
If your flavor or UNIX or Linux is not supported or you prefer to
install from source use the `` shell script in the tarball
root directory (thanks to[Jacob Mandelson] for the
initial implementation of this script).

`` installs AsciiDoc executables, configuration files and
man pages in the usual locations. Here's how:

  $ tar -xzf asciidoc-{revision}.tar.gz
  $ cd asciidoc-{revision}
  $ sudo ./

NOTE: This script was tested on Ubuntu Linux.  You may need to edit
`` if your file locations differ from those wired into the

The `` script (actually just a symlink to ``)
will uninstall AsciiDoc.

If Vim is installed on your system `` will install the Vim
syntax highlighter and filetype detection scripts in the global
`/etc/vim` directory (`asciidoc.vim` in `/etc/vim/syntax/` and
`asciidoc_filetype.vim` in `/etc/vim/ftdetect/`).

To install locally put `asciidoc.vim` in `\~/.vim/syntax/` and
`asciidoc_filetype.vim` in `~/.vim/ftdetect/`.

Microsoft Windows installation
To install the zip formatted distribution just unzip the contents to a
new folder:

  $ mkdir asciidoc
  $ cd asciidoc
  $ unzip ../asciidoc-{revision}.zip

Testing your installation
Test out asciidoc by changing to the AsciiDoc application directory
and convert the User Guide document (`./doc/asciidoc.txt`) to XHTML

  $ asciidoc doc/asciidoc.txt

NOTE: Windows users will need to execute the `` script
directly or create a suitable `asciidoc.bat` file.