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Bugs and Known Problems

- A benign warning 'with will become a reserved keyword
  in Python 2.6' sometimes occurs when using Python 2.5 -- it's
  harmless and will disappear with Python 3.
- The `toc` attribute will be ignored if it's set in a custom user or
  document configuration file. This is because the default
  configuration file containing the document `[header]` is sourced
  before custom configuration files and the `toc` attribute is
  processed using conditional inclusion macros.
- Reported line numbers in diagnostic messages are sometimes wrong.
- Embedding open brace characters `{` in argument values can cause
  incorrect argument substitution.
- Attribute references in macro attribute lists can't be unescaped
  (with the exception of attribute list entry `{0}`).
- Section numbering is incorrect when outputting HTML from a
  multi-part book type document. This is not a biggy since multi-part
  books are generally processed to DocBook.
- A row of apostrophes in an inline context throws AsciiDoc into an
  endless loop.
- Multiple comma separated command names in the manpage NAME section
  translate to a single DocBook `refname` instead of multiple
  `refname` elements.
- Escaping quoted text and macros is sometimes tricky owing to some
  macro and quoting ambiguities.

See `./dblatex/dblatex-readme.txt`.