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<h2 id="intro">Introduction</h2>

This page lists some version control humour that we ran into throughout
the years.

<h2 id="list">The List</h2>

<a href="">Shlomi
Fish's "Subversion" Fortune Cookies</a>.
<a href="">'s Subversion IRC fortune
<a href="">Ben Collins-Sussman's
"Git man, man git"</a>

<h3 id="more-advanced-than-CVS"><a href="">More Advanced than CVS</a></h3>

<pre class="raw">
On Sunday 01 April 2007, chromatic wrote:
&gt; On Saturday 31 March 2007 15:26, Yuval Kogman wrote:
&gt; &gt; uses_version_control sounds more like lacks_manifest_skip_file which
&gt; &gt; should deduct kwalitee IMHO.
&gt; Maybe so, but how else can CPANTS detect that you use the world's most

&gt; advanced version control system: CVS?

Are you kidding?

CVS is not as advanced as:

1. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe - the only sane choice for good data integrity
and portability.

2. tarballs/zip-files and patches. This one excels in convenience, and

CVS is a very advanced version control system, however. I do wish that
Subversion (which is a VCS that I have to use against my will) was as good as
it is.

    -- Shlomi Fish answering to chromatic on 01-April-2007

<h3 id="chuck-norris-and-git">Chuck Norris and Git</h3>

When Chuck Norris uses git, he takes a coffee break after initiating every git
commit. And then he waits for the commits to finish.

-- <a href="">Context</a>