1. Shlomi Fish
  2. better-scm


better-scm / DONE

Near-Term Done:

* Add a note to the Aegis Childhood diseases document saying it is

* Link to Gabor Szabo's Subversion Compared page (see his use.perl.org

* Split Bazaar/Bazaar-NG off the Arch page. (see the thread in the mailing
list archive)

* Add a new news item about the ClearCase, AccuRev and Mercurial


* Make sure the files that are added to the buckets of src/ are present
in the Subversion repository.

* Comparison: generate a list of systems under comparison/index.html from
the XML.

* Comparison: fix the XSL output not to put CMSynergy at the end.

* Create a page for the logo.

* Make sure that nav links and the such contain the title of the navigation


* Submit to Open Source Web Designs.