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 JavaScript version of the open-source graphical game “Me and My Shadow”</a>.
+<h2>Two Anecdotes from ##programming</h2>
+I enjoy chatting on
+<a href="irc://irc.freenode.org/##programming">##programming (on Freenode)</a>
+and along with all the rants about how much every popular programming langauge
+in existence sucks, and trying to help various students with their often
+badly indented and badly formatted homework code, there are often some
+insightful discussions by some smart people. I’d like to share two Perl-related
+anecdotes from there.
+The first one was that someone there who has taken studying programming, before
+starting to study in university, seriously, and also read the Camel book
+and other books and resources about Perl, asked me to look at my code
+to see how readable it is. I referred him to the
+<a href="https://metacpan.org/source/SHLOMIF/HTML-Widgets-NavMenu-1.0701/lib/HTML/Widgets/NavMenu.pm">source
+code</a> of HTML::Widgets::NavMenu, which will being early code of
+mine, was written in a module manner, and he said he found it to be
+well-factored and yet very readable . He noted that he suspected that
+Perl would have been less believed to “hard to understand” or “unreadable”
+if it had standardised on using my preferred style -
+<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indent_style#Allman_style">Allman
+style</a> - instead of its default style with the opening braces on the
+same line as the opening clause (e.g: <tt>if ( COND ) {</tt>).
+The other anecdote was that someone else there, who is working in Visual
+Basic and Visual Basic for Applications for a living (for lack of an
+alternative in his homeland), told us that he found the CPAN documentation
+to usually be superior than the MSDN (Microsoft Developers Network) one.
+I found it a little strange, because I recall finding the MSDN documentation
+to give detailed examples for almost every subroutine and a page of prose and
+explanation for each one. Then I showed him the “SYNOPSIS” sections of
+some of the .pm files in CPAN and he was impressed and said it was useful
+(because you can copy+paste it and tweak it), but naturally commented that
+not all .pm files had those.
+I currently stand at <a href="http://perlresume.org/SHLOMIF">87 CPAN
+distributions</a>, some of which a bit lacking, and I still have some in the
+pipe. One of them will require quite a lot of cleanup work to do, but it's
+not a high priority. I also have to juggle some other endeavours, and also
+recently started contracting for an Internet friend as a Drupal developer
+(and in the future possibly one for Moodle as well), which may consume even
+more of my time (but on the bright side pay a little). It’s no secret that
+I am not a big fan of PHP, but Drupal seems impressive so far, and
+hides away a lot of PHP’s ugliness. It took me some time to get acquainted
+with it, so I hope now things will be smoother and easier to do.