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-The next distribution is original but the story there is more complicated.
+The next distribution is original, but its story is more complicated.
 It all started when I decided to resume work on Qantor, which aims
 to eventually be a modern and saner alternative to TeX/LaTeX and Troff
 (although it is still extremely far from that now). I noticed that the parsing
 Well, after I fixed the problem with XML::LibXML, I decided to release
 Test::XML::Ordered. I'm well aware of
-<a href="">Test::XML</a> but found
-it hard to rely on because it uses
+<a href="">Test::XML</a>, but found
+it hard to rely on it, because it uses
 <a href="">XML::SemanticDiff</a>
 (the latter I adopted) and which attempts to rearrange the order of the
 nodes when it sees fit (so