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Updated the CPAN Smoke-AutoSetup to use CPANPLUS::YACSmoke .

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 # my $perl_arc = "$perl_dir.tar.bz2";
 my $perl_arc = "$perl_dir.tar.gz";
 my $perl_exe = "$inst_path/bin/perl";
+my $yacsmoke = "CPANPLUS::YACSmoke";
 sub exec_program
-        CPAN::YACSmoke
-        ))
+        ),
+        $yacsmoke,
+    )
 sub smoke
     run_in_env(sub {
-        exec_program($perl_exe, "-MCPAN::YACSmoke", "-e", "test");
+        exec_program(
+            $perl_exe, "-M".$yacsmoke, "-e", $yacsmoke."::test()"
+        );
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