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    <info><title>The Human Hacking Field Guide</title>
                        <uri type="homepage" xlink:href="">Shlomi Fish's Homepage</uri>
            <holder>Shlomi Fish</holder>
            <!-- Ci vis pacem -->
                <!-- belum. ;-) -->
                This document is copyrighted by Shlomi Fish
                under the 
                <link xlink:href="">Creative
                    Commons Attribution Share-Alike Unported License version 3.0</link> 
                (or at your option a greater version).
                    Started working on this document after forking the template
                    of an older one.
                    Added up to the middle of the "Are you done insulting me?"

<section xml:id="things_you_do_to_get_to_univ"><info><title>The Things you do to Get to University</title></info>
        My name is Jennifer. Jennifer Susan Raymond, to be exact. 
        I live in Los-Angeles, in one of those nice neigbourhoods that they
        always show in movies. I am in my high-school senior year now.
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