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+0.0401  Wed  5 Sep 19:45:47 IDT 2012
+        - Move away under script.
+            - This way it hopefully won't be installed by overzelous
+            installation procedures such as Mageia Linux's.
 0.0400  Sun Dec 25 19:49:48 IST 2011
         - Add support for --basepath
         - Made the -o flag optional, and excluding it from xsltproc if it's


 =head1 VERSION
-Version 0.0400
+Version 0.0401
-our $VERSION = '0.0400';
+our $VERSION = '0.0401';
 =head1 SYNOPSIS


 =head1 VERSION
-Version 0.0400
+Version 0.0401
 use vars qw($VERSION);
-$VERSION = '0.0400';
+$VERSION = '0.0401';
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