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+all: israeli-2012-perl-workshop-report.xhtml
+israeli-2012-perl-workshop-report.xhtml: israeli-2012-perl-workshop-report.pod
+	pod2xhtml --infile "$<" --outfile "$@"
+upload: all
 	rsync -a -v --progress --rsh=ssh *.xhtml \

File israeli-foss-meetings/israeli-2012-perl-workshop-report.pod

 I hope Ran can give a rerun of it on one of the mongers' meetings with more
 time allocated for that.
-After that I attended the talk of Stefan Hornburg (“racke”) about
+After that I attended the talk of Stefan Hornburg (“racke”, known as
+L<HORNBURG on CPAN|>) who was another
+visitor from Germany, about
 L<Template::Flute|> which is a
 designer’s friendly template system. In this template, one uses an HTML file
 with standard HTML attributes for designating the fields that needs to be