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 <b>פרל למתחילים חלק 5</b> - שלומי פיש -
 שלומי ישתמש בקהל בתור שפני נסיונות לבדיקת ואימות החלק החמישי בסדרת ההרצאות שלו,
 <a href="http://www.shlomifish.org/lecture/Perl/Newbies/">פרל למתחילים</a> 
-, שעוסק בהרגלי תכנות טובים. השקפים מכסים דברים כמו כתיבת בדיקות אוטומטיות,
+, שעוסק בהרגלי תכנות טובים. השקפים מכסים נושאים כמו כתיבת בדיקות אוטומטיות,
 שימוש במערכות ניהול גרסאות, שימוש ב-Class Accessors, כתיבת תיעוד בעזרת POD,
 ושימוש ב-Module-Build ו-Module-Starter.
 On 30 May, 2012 (Wednesday), the Tel Aviv Perl Mongers will hold their
-monthly meetup, and this time it is going to be special. We meet at 18:30 and the
+monthly meetup. We meet at 18:30 and the
 talks begin at 19:00. The address is: Shenkar College, main building on Anna Frank street, Ramat Gan, Room 300.
 One can find more details on
 <a href="http://telaviv.pm.org/">the web-site</a> of
-the Tel Aviv Perl mongers.
+the Tel Aviv Perl mongers and <a href="http://perl.org.il/">on the homepage of
+Perl in Israel</a>.
-<b>Visualizing the brain of Vim</b> by Ran Eilam - 
-You loved him in "Game frameworks with SDL, Moose and Coro", you cried over
-his performance in the after-meeting get-togethers, and you will absolutely
-adore him in "Visualizing the brain of Vim". All-star legend Ran Eilam will
-talk to us (both beginners and experts) about Vim and how to fathom this
-incredible beast. I warn you, the first two lines in the audience will be
-damaged by Emacs flames.
+<b>From client to execution</b> - Ido Kanner - this talk will explain what Redis
+is in a few words, the client I have written for it, and which Perl tools are 
+available to use it. (40 minutes)
-<b>A bunch of modules which made sense writing</b> - by Sawyer X:
-I'm going to cover some utility modules I've written, why they were written
-and when they are useful. At the end, you'll have to judge whether they were
-worth writing at all.  There will be voting booths available!
-(We'll cover Algorithm::Diff::Callback, App::Genpass, Data::PowerSet::Hash
-and Module::Version.)
+<b>Perl for Newbies, Part 5</b> - Shlomi Fish - Shlomi will use the audience as
+guinea pigs for testing and verifying the fifth part of his series of talks,
+<a href="http://www.shlomifish.org/lecture/Perl/Newbies/">Perl for Perl Newbies</a>,
+whose theme is "good programming practices". The slides cover such topics such as
+writing automated tests, using version control systems, using Class Accessors, writing
+documentation using POD, and using Module-Build and Module-Starter.
-<b>To upgrade or not to upgrade, Perl 5.6 vs. Perl 5.14</b> - ik vs. Sawyer X:
-A source of great concern in the Perl users community is whether to use an
-up-to-date Perl and what version should be considered "too old". On one
-hand, we have the management that wants as little cost and changes as possible
-(sometimes along with systems administrators), and on the other hand, the
-developer who wants to use the latest technologies, and is often
-stuck on obsolete systems.
-In light of this serious consideration, we're going to take turns poking at
-each other with a stick, wearing funny hats, damning the unbelievers and
-heretics until they submit to one side: 5.6 or 5.14!