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Removed some workarounds for a broken compiler.

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File fc-solve/source/main.c

 "fc-solve [options] board_file\n"
+"If board_file is - or unspecified reads standard input\n"
+"Available Options:\n"
+"-h     --help\n"
+"     display the default help screen\n"
+"     display the summary help screen\n"
+"     display the version number of the components\n"
+"-i     --iter-output\n"
+"     display the iteration number and depth in every state that is checked\n"
+"-s     --state-output\n"
+"     also output the state in every state that is checked\n"
+"-p     --parseable-output\n"
+"     Output the states in a format that is friendly to perl, grep and\n"
+"     friends.\n"
+"-c     --canonized-order-output\n"
+"     Output the stacks and freecells according to their canonic order.\n"
+"     (That means that stacks and freecells won't retain their place.)\n"
+"-t     --display-10-as-t\n"
+"     Display the card 10 as a capital T instead of \"10\".\n"
+"-m     --display-moves\n"
+"     Display the moves instead of the intermediate states.\n"
+"-sam   --display-states-and-moves \n"
+"     Display both intermediate states and moves.\n"
+"-sn    --standard-notation\n"
+"     Display the moves in standard (non-verbose) notation.\n"
+"     (Applicable only if -m was specified)\n"
+"-snx   --standard-notation-extended\n"
+"     Display the moves in extended standard notation while specifying the\n"
+"     number of cards moved if applicable\n"
+"-pi    --display-parent-iter \n"
+"     Display the index of the parent iteration of each state in the\n"
+"     run-time dump.\n"
+"--freecells-num [Freecells\' Number]\n"
+"     The number of freecells present in the board.\n"
+"--stacks-num [Stacks\' Number]\n"
+"     The number of stacks present in the board.\n"
+"--decks-num [Decks\' Number]\n"
+"     The number of decks in the board.\n"
+"--sequences-are-built-by {suit|alternate_color|rank}\n"
+"     Specifies the type of sequence\n"
+"--sequence-move {limited|unlimited}\n"
+"     Specifies whether the sequence move is limited by the number of\n"
+"     freecells or vacant stacks or not.\n"
+"--empty-stacks-filled-by {kings|none|all}\n"
+"     Specifies which cards can fill empty stacks.\n"
+"--game [game]   --preset [game]  -g [game]\n"
+"     Specifies the type of game. (Implies several of the game settings\n"
+"     options above.). Available presets:\n"
+"     bakers_dozen       - Baker\'s Dozen\n"
+"     bakers_game        - Baker\'s Game\n"
+"     beleaguered_castle - Beleaguered Castle\n"
+"     citadel            - Citadel\n"
+"     cruel              - Cruel\n"
+"     der_katz           - Der Katzenschwanz\n"
+"     die_schlange       - Die Schlange\n"
+"     eight_off          - Eight Off\n"
+"     fan                - Fan\n"
+"     forecell           - Forecell\n"
+"     freecell           - Freecell\n"
+"     good_measure       - Good Measure\n"
+"     ko_bakers_game     - Kings\' Only Baker\'s Game\n"
+"     relaxed_freecell   - Relaxed Freecell\n"
+"     relaxed_seahaven   - Relaxed Seahaven Towers\n"
+"     seahaven           - Seahaven Towers\n"
+"     simple_simon       - Simple Simon\n"
+"     streets_and_alleys - Streets and Alleys\n"
+"-md [depth]       --max-depth [depth] \n"
+"     Specify a maximal search depth for the solution process.\n"
+"-mi [iter_num]    --max-iters [iter_num] \n"
+"     Specify a maximal number of iterations number.\n"
+"-mss [states_num] --max-stored-states [states_num] \n"
+"     Specify the maximal number of states stored in memory.\n"
+"-to [tests_order]   --tests-order  [tests_order] \n"
+"     Specify a test order string. Each test is represented by one character.\n"
+"     Valid tests:\n"
+"        Freecell Tests:\n"
+"        '0' - put top stack cards in the foundations.\n"
+"        '1' - put freecell cards in the foundations.\n"
+"        '2' - put freecell cards on top of stacks.\n"
+"        '3' - put non-top stack cards in the foundations.\n"
+"        '4' - move stack cards to different stacks.\n"
+"        '5' - move stack cards to a parent card on the same stack.\n"
+"        '6' - move sequences of cards onto free stacks.\n"
+"        '7' - put freecell cards on empty stacks.\n"
+"        '8' - move cards to a different parent.\n"
+"        '9' - empty an entire stack into the freecells.\n"
+"        Atomic Freecell Tests:\n"
+"        'A' - move a stack card to an empty stack.\n"
+"        'B' - move a stack card to a parent on a different stack.\n"
+"        'C' - move a stack card to a freecell.\n"
+"        'D' - move a freecel card to a parent.\n"
+"        'E' - move a freecel card to an empty stack.\n"
+"        Simple Simon Tests:\n"
+"        'a' - move a full sequence to the foundations.\n"
+"        'b' - move a sequence to a true parent of his.\n"
+"        'c' - move a whole stack sequence to a false parent (in order to\n"
+"              clear the stack)\n"
+"        'd' - move a sequence to a true parent that has some cards above it.\n"
+"        'e' - move a sequence with some cards above it to a true parent.\n"
+"        'f' - move a sequence with a junk sequence above it to a true parent\n"
+"              that has some cards above it.\n"
+"        'g' - move a whole stack sequence to a false parent which has some\n"
+"              cards above it.\n"
+"        'h' - move a sequence to a parent on the same stack.\n"
+"        Tests are grouped with parenthesis or square brackets. Each group\n"
+"        will be randomized as a whole by the random-dfs scan.\n"
+"-me [solving_method]   --method [solving_method]\n"
+"     Specify a solving method. Available methods are:\n"
+"        \"a-star\" - A*\n"
+"        \"bfs\" - Breadth-First Search\n"
+"        \"dfs\" - Depth-First Search (default)\n"
+"        \"random-dfs\" - A randomized DFS\n"
+"        \"soft-dfs\" - \"Soft\" DFS\n"
+"-asw [A* Weights]   --a-star-weight [A* Weights]\n"
+"     Specify weights for the A* scan, assuming it is used. The parameter\n"
+"     should be a comma-separated list of numbers, each one is proportional\n"
+"     to the weight of its corresponding test.\n"
+"     The numbers are, in order:\n"
+"     1. The number of cards out.\n"
+"     2. The maximal sequence move.\n"
+"     3. The number of cards under sequences.\n"
+"     4. The length of the sequences which are found over renegade cards.\n"
+"     5. The depth of the board in the solution.\n"
+"-seed [seed_number]\n"
+"     Set the seed for the random number generator used by the\n"
+"     \"random-dfs\" scan.\n"
+"-nst         --next-soft-thread\n"
+"     Move to the next Soft-Thread. I.e: input another scan to run in\n"
+"     parallel.\n"
+"-step [step iterations]     --soft-thread-step [step iterations]\n"
+"     Set the number of iterations in the step of the current soft-thread.\n"
+"-nht        --next-hard-thread\n"
+"     Move to the next Hard-Thread. This is a new group of scans to run\n"
+"     in their own system thread (assuming the executable was compiled with\n"
+"     support for them.)\n"
+"     Set the name of the soft-thread.\n"
+"--prelude [prelude_string]\n"
+"     Set the prelude string of the hard thread. A prelude is a static\n"
+"     sequence of iterations quotas that are executed at the beginning of\n"
+"     the search. The format is a list of [Limit]@[Soft-Thread Name]\n"
+"     delimited by commas.\n"
+"-ni         --next-instance\n"
+"     Move to the next distinct solver instance. This is a separate scan\n"
+"     which would run only if the previous ones returned an unsolvable\n"
+"     verdict.\n"
+"-opt         --optimize-solution\n"
+"     Try and optimize the solution for a small number of moves.\n"
+"-opt-to      --optimization-tests-order\n"
+"     The test order of the optimization scan.\n"
+"     Reparent states that have a larger depth than that of the state\n"
+"     from which they were reached a posteriori.\n"
+"     If --reparent-states is enabled, then explictly calculate the real\n"
+"     depth of a state by tracing its path to the initial state\n"
+"--scans-synergy {none|dead-end-marks}\n"
+"     Specifies the cooperation between the scans.\n"
+"     Reset the program to its initial, unconfigured state.\n"
+"--read-from-file [{num_skip},]filename\n"
+"     Reads configuration parameter with the file while skipping num_skip\n"
+"     arguments from the beginning.\n"
+"-l [configuration]      --load-config [configuration]\n"
+"     Reads the configuration [configruration] and configures the solver\n"
+"     accordingly.\n"
+"SIGUSR1 - Prints the number of states that were checked so far to stderr.\n"
+"SIGUSR2 SIGUSR1 - Turns iteration output on/off.\n"
+"SIGUSR2 SIGUSR2 SIGUSR1 - Turns iteration's state output on/off.\n"
+"Freecell Solver was written by Shlomi Fish.\n"
+"Send comments and suggestions to\n"
+    "real-help",
+"The environment variable FREECELL_SOLVER_DEFAULT_HELP sets the default help\n"
+"screen. The name of the help screen is the same name as its \"--help-\" flag\n"
+"but without the preceding \"--help-\". Type:\n"
+"    fc-solve --help-summary\n"
+"for the available help screens.\n"
+"Refer to your system's documentation for information on how to set environment\n"
     /* Win32 Does not have those signals */
 #ifndef WIN32
-#ifndef SIGUSR1
-#define SIGUSR1 10
-#ifndef SIGUSR2
-#define SIGUSR2 12
     signal(SIGUSR1, command_signal_handler);
     signal(SIGUSR2, select_signal_handler);