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Updated to the new release number in src/download.html.

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File fc-solve/site/wml/src/download.html.wml

 <table border="1" summary="Upper Row - The Freecell Solver Source Code. Middle rRow - Windows 32-bit Binaries. Lower Row - Link to the Debian Package. Links are at the left; Descriptions are at the Right.">
-<link_to_berlios_file "freecell-solver-2.12.0.tar.gz" />
+<link_to_berlios_file "freecell-solver-2.14.0.tar.gz" />
 Source Code. Can be built as an RPM package by running "rpmbuild -tb" on it.
 <table border="1" summary="Older versions of Freecell Solver. In decreasing version number.">
+<ver "2.12" "0" />
 <ver "2.8" "14" />
 <ver "2.6" "3" />
 <ver "2.4" "3" />