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Add the FreeBSD Logo.

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 <h3 id="distros_mandriva_mageia">Mandriva / Mageia</h3>
 <img src="$(ROOT)/images/100px-Mageia_logo.svg.png" alt="Mageia Logo"
-    class="dist_logo"
+    class="dist_logo" />
 Type <tt>urpmi freecell-solver</tt>. You may need to configure the right
 <h3 id="distros_freebsd">FreeBSD</h3>
+<img src="$(ROOT)/images/Freebsd_logo.svg.png" alt="FreeBSD Logo"
+    class="dist_logo" />
 See <a href="">the FreeBSD
 Freshports page</a>.

File fc-solve/site/wml/src/images/Freebsd_logo.svg.png

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