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+<title>Freecell Solver’s Request for Accessible Deployment Computers</title>
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+The <a href="">Freecell Solver</a> project,
+which develops a free and open-source software framework for solving layouts of
+<a href="">Freecell</a> (also known
+as “FreeCell”), and several similar Solitaire
+variants is seeking assistance by providing us with direct or indirect
+access to high performance computing (HPC) hardware, namely computers with
+large amounts of accessible RAM (128 GB or so or more), large amounts of
+hard disk space (about 10 GB - less than RAM - should be enough), and
+good reliability.
+If you can provide us with such resources to further our progress in
+researching Patience card games, please
+<a href="">contact Shlomi Fish</a>.
+Freecell has been an active source of research and poses interesting problems
+in the domain of artificial intelligence. The
+<a href="">Freecell Frequently
+Asked Questions (FAQ) list</a> contains a lot of information about Freecell
+from the results of Freecell researchers.
+Generalised Freecell (where the number of cards in a sequence in a deal
+is variable beyond Ace-to-King) has been shown to be NP-Complete (
+"Malte Helmert, Complexity results for standard benchmark domains in planning,
+Artificial Intelligence Journal 143(2):219-262, 2003." ).
+In order to run the solver on several hard deals (which for limited memory
+are intractable), and see if there is a solution or not, we need a large
+amount of memory. We have done improvements in the memory consumption
+of the solver, but the problem
+domain necessitates a large amount due to its intrinsic nature. As a result,
+access to computers with a large amount of RAM will be beneficial for our
+We have been kindly provided with access to such computers, but they proved
+to be not reliable enough for our needs, and caused the invoked processes
+to stop prematurely, and as a result, we are seeking some more reliable
+By proving whether currently-intractable Freecell deals we can reach better
+conclusions about the statistics of solvable or unsolvable deals. Furthermore,
+some of the statistics collected have been generated by non-open-source or
+in-house computerised solvers and as such are less dependable than our
+open-source solver.