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Updated the TODO .

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 --- Non-pressing ---
-* Document the process for getting the Freecell Solver test suite running
-successfully. (Try on a new installation / VM).
+* Move the trunk, branches, tags, etc. to under /fc-solve. (?)
+* Default on building from the .tar.bz2 and distribute them instead of
+the .tar.gz's (less space).
+* Re-organize the source code to be more sensibly organized.
 * Experiment with using bit members for cards:
-* Create a first-class-citizen fcs_state_column_t and convert fcs_stack_len(),
-fcs_stack_card(), etc. to use them.
+* Abstract away the move of a single card from one column to another
+in freecell.c.
 * Try to convert the macro-mania in tests.h (sfs_check_state_begin() / 
 sfs_check_state_end() ) to functions, and see if it actually makes it faster.
 * Put the rest of the news (from ) inside the
 NEWS file.
-* Add support for specifying the "compact states" and "debug states"
-at compile time.
-    - Document in the "INSTALL" file.
 * Investigate ways to perform more pointer arithematics and 
 (ptr < end_ptr) ; ptr++ . A lot of code is under-optimized this way.
 * Experiment with a delta-based state storage.
+* Add a way to build the various libavl2 trees to be used as 
+positions/columns collections.
 --- To be considered ---
 * Make the code splint-clean. ( )
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