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+<h1>Freecell Solver 2.22.0 was Released, Now Under the MIT/X11 License</h1>
+<!-- Tags: freecell, solver, solving, 2.22.0, version, mit license, x11 license, cmake, library, rpm
+<a href="">Freecell Solver</a> version 2.22.0
+is now available for 
+<a href="">download 
+    from the download page</a>. This release converts from Public Domain
+"licensing" <a href="">which 
+    is problematic for source code</a> to the more explicit and less 
+controversial <a href="">MIT/X11 
+    License</a>. (Some source files that had been originated by other parties 
+are still under the public domain).
+Also in this release is some fixes to the build system (in part thanks to
+a contribution by Risko Gergely), including the ability to prepare a static
+Happy solving, and enjoy April Fool's Day Tomorrow.