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+<h1>Freecell Solver 2.40.0 was Released</h1>
+<!-- Tags: freecell, solver, solving, 2.40.0, release, version, asciidoc, minor, pysol, pysolfc, buffer, overflow, security, optimization, speed
+<a href="">Freecell Solver</a> version 2.40.0
+has been released. It is available in the form of a source tarball from 
+<a href="">the
+    download page</a>.
+This release contains a fix to a string overflow with processing the command 
+line arguments, and an optimised command-line preset that can be invoked
+as <tt>-l blue-yonder</tt> (or <tt>-l by</tt> for short) that solves the
+Microsoft 32,000 deals in under 100 seconds on a Pentium 4 2.4GHz machine.
+It also contains some more minor changes: there is now a <tt>Scan:</tt> header 
+with the name of the current soft thread, when debugging under 
+<tt>-s -i</tt>, an off-by-1 iterations count was fixed and the iteration
+handling callback is now applied globally to all the instances. Finally,
+<tt></tt> has support for generating PySol's
+and PySolFC's 
+<a href="">"Black Hole"
+    Solitaire</a> deals, intended for my newly released
+<a href="">Black Hole Solitaire Solver</a>.