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Added the "now deprecated note" to the PySol integration page.

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 <latemp_subject "Freecell Solver PySol Integration"  />
+<h2 id="note">Recent Note (09-July-2009)</h2>
+The contents of this page have become largely irrelevant with the
+more recent development of
+<a href="">PySolFC</a> and its integration
+with Freecell Solver. The PySolFC developers took a different approach than
+mine and relied on calling the fc-solve executable for solving the layouts
+of the Solitaire games. Nevertheless, it's a valid approach and Freecell
+Solver works beautifully there.
 This is code that enables Freecell Solver integration with 
-<a href="">PySol</a>,
+<a href="">PySol</a>,
 an excellent cross-platform Solitaire Suite written in Python.
 I assume you already have Python, PySol and all of their
 requisites installed. First, install Freecell Solver. Afterwards compile
 the Python bindings for it. Afterwards download the PySol source from
-<a href="">its homepage</a>,
+<a href="">its homepage</a>,
 apply the patch, and invoke pysol from that directory.