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Made the incompatible browser page briefer.

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File fc-solve/site/wml/src/js-fc-solve/incompatible-browser.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<latemp_subject "Your browser is incompatible with the online demo of Freecell Solver" />
+<latemp_subject "Incompatible browser with the online fc-solve" />
-We have detected that your browser does not support the necessary
+Your browser does not support the necessary
 HTML 5/JavaScript extensions required by the WWW-based Freecell Solver. Please
 use one of the following browsers instead, or instead
 <a href="$(ROOT)/download.html">download and install</a> the standalone
 <h3 id="firefox"><a href="">Mozilla Firefox</a></h3>
-Mozilla Firefox 17.x ESR and above (and possibly some versions below) support
-the online Freecell Solver well, and is open source, cross-platform and
-otherwise a superb browser. Also see <a
-href="">the portable
-edition which is easy to install and run</a>.
 <h3 id="chromium"><a href="">Google Chromium</a></h3>
-A fast and open source browser from Google.
 <h3 id="opera"><a href="">Opera</a></h3>
-A cross-platform and free-of-charge, (but not open source browser) that is
-also available and supported.
+(Not open source).
 <h3 id="msie10">Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and Above</h3>