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=head1 The Freecell Solver Repository Root README

L<Freecell Solver|http://fc-solve.shlomifish.org/> is an open source
(distributed under the MIT/X11 licence) library, written in C, for attempting
to solve several variants of card Solitaire/Patience, including 
L<Freecell|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeCell> , 
L<Baker’s Game|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baker%27s_Game> ,
L<Seahaven Towers|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seahaven_Towers_%28solitaire%29>
, and 
L<Simple Simon|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_Simon_%28solitaire> .
Also contained are several command-line programs that use it, and the original 
project also span some other code for testing and for support.

=head1 Repository structure

=head2 fc-solve/source/

This contains the source of the solver itself. One can use CMake to build it.

=head2 Games-Solitaire-Verify/Games-Solitaire-Verify

This is the Games-Solitaire-Verify CPAN module. For more information see:


=head2 Task-FreecellSolver-Testing

This is a CPAN module for installing the various test dependencies that
are found on CPAN.

=head2 fc-solve/arch_doc

The Freecell Solver Architecture Document. Somewhat out-of-date, but may
be studied for general enlightenment.

=head2 fc-solve/presets

Some code that is used in order to calculate the built-in command-line
presets, like “-l good-intentions” or “-l maliciously-obscure”. Not very
documented. This code is written in parts in Perl, Bash and Mono.NET.

=head2 fc-solve/rejects

Contains code that is no longer used.

=head2 fc-solve/docs

Contains various documents that are not part of the main source distribution.
Mostly specifications and planning documents.

=head2 fc-solve/benchmarks

Logs of various benchmarks of the code.