fcfs-rwlock / pthreads / ChangeLog

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From 0.3.4 to 0.3.5:

* Made test_rwlock an uninstalled binary.

From 0.3.3 to 0.3.4:

* Added the RLE Scheme to the distro.

From 0.3.2 to 0.3.3:

* Removed trailing whitespace.

* Now mydebug just prints one line. (the more verbose debugging is #if'd

* Changed mydebug to my_debug_print.

* Changed the debug-less my_debug_print to { }. (so if (cond) my_debug_print()
will work OK)

From 0.3.1 to 0.3.2:

* Now Removing queue junk at gain_read_generic.

From 0.3.0 to 0.3.1:

* Added a mydebug directive.

* Printed the state of the queue and the rwlock.

* Added another extract_first_non_disabled_item() at the end of 

* The RWLock seems to work OK according to the dumps.

From 0.2.0 to 0.3.0:

* Changed the name of queue_poll to queue_peak.

* Added queue_peak.

* Removed a few redundant externs from queue.c

* Changed the RWLock to RLE. Looks good, but I think accept_pending_items()
need a little rework.

* Re-worked accept_pending_items() - looks good.

From 0.0.11 to 0.2.0:

* Added an HTML page.

* Put some meat in README.

* Changed the version number to 0.2.0.

* Added the man_MANs to EXTRA_DIST in man/Makefile.am so they will be
included in the distribution.

From 0.0.10 to 0.0.11:

* Added an assert for num_readers > 0 in release().

From 0.0.9 to 0.0.10:

* Placed the man page in its own directory ($DIST/man).

* Created man links to it.

* Combined release_read() and release_write() into release().

* Added a "Want Lock" debug message in gain_write()

* Modified the man pages to reflect the release() change.

From 0.0.8 to 0.0.9:

* Added a man page. It is written in Perl POD and was spell checked.

From 0.0.7 to 0.0.8:

* Added some descriptive comments to pthread/rwlock_fcfs.h
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