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Revision history for XML-Grammar-Fiction.

    * Add more links to the XML::Grammar::Fiction's perldoc.

0.9.3       Tue 31 Jul 09:22:01 IDT 2012
    * Add an explicit version of 0.0301 to File::Find::Object::Rule .
        - With lower versions tests fail.
        - Thanks to Slaven Rezic for the report and investigation.

0.9.2       Sat 28 Jul 11:27:22 IDT 2012
    * Add List::MoreUtils to the dependencies.
        - Some build failures at:
            - http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/add74ed0-d84a-11e1-9066-3d54fb7543f5

0.9.1       Fri 27 Jul 21:40:10 IDT 2012
    * Update the link to the repository in META.yml/META.json.

0.9.0       Fri 27 Jul 09:20:42 IDT 2012
    * Add t/style-trailing-space.t to check for trailing space.
        - Got rid of trailing space.
        - TODO: extract into a CPAN module.
    * Convert from "use Moose;" to "use Mouse;":
        - it made the test suite run faster.
        - TODO: test with https://metacpan.org/module/Moo .

0.8.1       Sat Jun  9 23:07:51 IDT 2012
    * Add t/base/line-iterator-unit.t to provide unit-tests for
        XML::Grammar::FictionBase::FromProto::Parser::LineIterator .
    * Add "use autodie" to the modules with open calls.

0.8.0       Wed Jun  8 19:04:57 IDT 2011
    * <blockquote> now supports xml:id and xml:lang.
    * Fiction-Text: a plus sign ( + ) at the starting line of the paragraph
    now indicates that the following tag is a style tag.
    * lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction.pm - add a comprehensive example to the POD
    * Consolidated the lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction.pm 's todo into the C<TODO>
    * lib/XML/Grammar/Screenplay.pm - add an example in the code.

0.7.0       Wed May 25 12:47:13 IDT 2011
    * Add support for the lang="..." attribute of <body> in Fiction-Text which
    would be translated to <body xml:lang=".."> attribute in Fiction-XML (and
    eventually to DocBook 5/XML).
    * Add support for the lang="..." attribute in <section>/<s>.
    * Add the <span> tag for Fiction-Text (already exists in Fiction-XML).
        - supports two attributes - lang -> xml:lang and id -> xml:id.
    * Now supporting xml:lang and xml:id in the <a /> tag in Fiction-Text
    and Fiction-XML .
    * Bumped the testing dependencies for Test::XML version '0.08' and
    XML::SemanticDiff '1.0000' - the test failed otherwise.

0.6.0       Mon May 23 22:59:05 IDT 2011
    * Add the version="5.0" attribute to the top-level tag of the
    DocBook 5/XML generated by extradata/fiction-xml-to-docbook.xslt .
    * Got rid of leftover files in t/fiction/data that were not used
    by the tests.
    * A lot of refactoring and cleanup - moved some modules from
    XML-Grammar-Fiction to XML-Grammar-FictionBase .
0.5.1       Sun May 22 09:33:43 IDT 2011
    * Fix the handling of entities at the start of the opening line of
    paragraphs in the Fiction-Text . See 
    t/fiction/data/proto-text/paras-with-entities-at-start-of-line.txt .

0.5.0       Sat May 21 23:20:43 IDT 2011
    * Add support for the <programinglisting> tag.
    * Fix the handling of the entities ("&amp;" "&#32;" etc.) in Fiction-Text.

0.4.1       Sat May 21 19:45:56 IDT 2011
    * Properly handling whitespace after a closing tag in the Fiction-Text
    proto-text. Like:
        - "</b> foo" should be translated "</b> foo" instead of "</b>foo".

0.4.0       Fri May 20 15:46:18 IDT 2011
    * Updated some of the bug report URLs to read "XML-Grammar-Fiction"
    instead of "XML-Grammar-Screenplay".
    * Add support for the <blockquote> tag to Fiction-XML / Fiction-Text.

0.3.0       Tue May 17 22:59:17 IDT 2011
    * Add extradata/screenplay-xml-to-tei.xslt and 
    lib/XML/Grammar/Screenplay/ToTEI.pm - add tests for them.
        - They convert Screenplay-XML into TEI - Text Encoding Initiative,
        a markup language for digital representation of texts (especially 
        artsy texts such as screenplays, prose or poems) 
            - http://www.tei-c.org/ .
        - This will allow for easier conversion into XSL-FO, as well as many
        other formats.
    * Got rid of the <!DOCTYPE .... > declaration in the Screenplay-XML
    output (it confused the heck out of xsltproc and was not really needed
    as we use a RELAX-NG schema instead of a DTD.)
    * Create lib/XML/Grammar/FictionBase/XSLT/Converter.pm as a base
    class for the converters.
        - removed lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/RendererBase.pm as it was no
        longer used.
        - Create some sub-classes.

0.2.0       Fri May 13 16:56:00 IDT 2011
    * Add support for <ol>, <li> and <ul> to Fiction-Text and Fiction-XML.

0.1.7       Tue Apr 19 00:55:07 IDT 2011
    * Add support for &#91; and other numeric entities.

0.1.6       Sat Apr  9 16:15:17 IDT 2011
    * Now handling the <a /> element only in XML::Grammar::Screenplay - it
    does not exist in ::Fiction.
    * Add support for the <a href="$URL">$CONTENT</a> tag in Fiction-Text 
    which is translated into <span xlink:href="$URL" >$CONTENT</span> in
    the Fiction-XML grammar.

0.1.5       Mon Apr  4 23:08:18 IDT 2011

    * Add the tag-release.pl script to tag a release using svn.berlios.de.
    * Fix the handling of a colon (":") inside a top-level description
    in XML-Grammar-Screenplay.

0.1.4       Mon Apr  4 00:50:07 IDT 2011
    * ::Screenplay - Fix the innerdesc on the start of the line in the middle 
    of the paragraph. Like:

Hi I went to the store and
[walks around the room, nervous] bought a chocolate bar.

        - this was caused by two bugs here

-$self->_prev_line_is_empty($self->curr_line_ref() =~ m{\A\s*\z});
+$self->_prev_line_is_empty(scalar(${$self->curr_line_ref()} =~ m{\A\s*\z}));

        - they cancelled each other most of the time except for in this 

    * ::Screenplay - add support for Screenplay-Text's <i> tags which get
    translated into Screenplay-XML's <italics> tags.

0.1.3       Fri Dec 17 19:38:45 IST 2010
        - Moved some unused source files to the rejects directory.
        - Convert to the new XML-Grammar-Fiction-Builder which uses
        File::ShareDir, which will hopefully resolve testing and installation

0.1.2       Thu Apr 29 22:47:04 IDT 2010
        - In the Build.PL - merged 'test_requires' into 'build_requires'. 
        Turns out that 'test_requires' is a Module::Installism.

0.1.1       Tue Apr 27 10:11:00 IDT 2010
        - Made sure XML-Grammar-Screenplay used
        XML::Grammar::Fiction::ConfigData instead of 
        XML::Grammar::Screenplay::ConfigData . This broke the installation
        and tests on the following test reports:
            - http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/7167671
            - http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/7167759
            - http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/7167134
0.1.0       Mon Apr 26 19:25:55 IDT 2010
        - Merged in the XML-Grammar-Screenplay into this module.
        - Converted XML-Grammar-Screenplay to a non-procedurally-recursive
        - Created some base classes:
            - lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/FromProto/Parser/LineIterator.pm
            - lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/FromProto/Parser/XmlIterator.pm
            - lib/XML/Grammar/FictionBase/TagsTree2XML.pm
        - Made XML-Grammar-Screenplay use some of the XML-Grammar-Fiction
        classes instead of having duplicate copies.
        - Add the TODO file.

0.0.4       Sat Mar 13 00:28:52 IST 2010
        - Implemented better error handling and presentation in 
            - making use of Exception-Class-based classes.
        - Removed the DOCTYPE from the DocBook/XML output (it was a DocBook

0.0.3       Fri Nov 27 11:32:05 IST 2009
        - Add the script contrib/docbook-to-fiction-xml-txt.pl .
        - Add delimiting empty lines to a =begin ... =end block to settle
        some versions of t/pod.t
            - Thanks to SREZIC.

0.0.2       Wed Nov 25 11:55:41 IST 2009
        - Various refactorings / code cleanup:
            - removed old methods.
            - got rid of the _with_curr_line() anti-abstrcation.
            - converted the parsing exceptions to Exception-Class 
            ( see lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/Err.pm )
            - Extract the Struct/Tag.pm helper class.
            - extracted the lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/RendererBase.pm
            and lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/RNG_Renderer.pm base classes.
            - Convert the proto-text parser (::Parser::QnD) to a 
            non-procedurally recursive one and extracted many methods from it.

0.0.1       Thu Nov  5 18:59:27 IST 2009
        - Forked from XML-Grammar-Screenplay-0.0600+trunk.
        - Changed to the Fiction proto-text format and XML format.
        - Changed the tests to be in accordance with the new semantics.
        - First CPAN release.

Revision history for XML-Grammar-Screenplay

        - Added the resources and keywords to the Build.PL and META.yml.

0.0600  Fri Oct  9 11:35:30 IST 2009
        - Converted the generated Screenplay-XML to its own namespace:
        - Adapted the stylesheets, the RelaxNG schema, etc. to that while
        adapting the test scripts. 

0.0503  Wed Jul 29 10:12:38 IDT 2009
        - Included a "package XML::Grammar::Screenplay::FromProto::Nodes"
        statement at the top of:
        Because otherwise the rpm builder was confused.

0.0502  Wed Mar  4 22:19:43 IST 2009
        - Upgraded inc/XML/Grammar/Builder.pm to 0.0101 to (hopefully)
        handle the extradata properly under all conditions.

0.0501  Tue Mar  3 19:38:22 IST 2009
        - Changed the Build.PL to use XML::Grammar::Builder.
            - changed the tests accordingly, due to the lack of 

0.0500  Fri Feb 27 17:48:52 IST 2009
        - Converted to use a RelaxNG schema.
            - Now using it in ::ToHTML instead of the DTD.
        - Added a sanity check for no inner desc inside the addressing part.
        - Changed the 'license' field in Build.PL from 'bsd' to 'mit'
        which is more accurate.

0.0402  Fri Apr 25 13:27:16 IDT 2008
        - Fixed a thinko with the wrong path to the DTD:
        "products-syndication.dtd" instead of "screenplay-xml.dtd".
        Possibly a copy-and-paste bug.

0.0401  Sat Jul 14 10:43:57 IDT 2007
        - Converted the "Screeplay" strings that were a leftover from
        the wrong module-starter invocation into "Screenplay".

0.04    Mon Jun 11 21:26:48 IDT 2007
        - Added the Quick-and-Dirty FromProto parser, which is slightly faster,
        than the Parse::RecDescent one and with much better diagnostics. 
        - More parsers can be added later.
        - Broke some compatibility - now require "use"-ing the parser class.

0.03    Tue May 22 07:46:18 IDT 2007
        - Added the <br /> tag.
        - Added a description of the proto-text format in the POD and
        other POD.
        - Fixed the space being part of the saying issue in the generated

0.02    Mon May 21 00:26:35 IDT 2007
        - Added the title="" attribute to the scene tag.
        - Added support for SGML-like entities
        - Added the direct ScreenplayXML -> HTML processor.
0.0101  Thu May 17 19:14:01 IDT 2007
        - BUG FIX: Changed to open the filename in 
        XML::Grammar::Screenplay::FromProto in ":utf8" mode. 
        - BUG FIX: added more dependencies to the Build.PL.

        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.