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 " Last Change: Thu Jul  3 00:59:42 IDT 2008
 " Version: 0.0.1
+" Thanks to Andy Wokula for his help on:
 " Quit if syntax file is already loaded
 if version < 600
     syntax clear
-syntax match screenplayTextComment /<!--\_.\{-0,}-->/
-syntax match screenplayTextDescription /^ *\[\_.\{-0,}\]/
+syntax sync minlines=50
+" syntax match screenplayTextComment /<!--\_.\{-0,}-->/
+" syntax match screenplayTextDescription /^ *\[\_.\{-0,}\]/
+syntax region screenplayTextComment start="<!--" end="-->"
+syntax region screenplayTextDescription start="^ *\[" end="]"
 syntax match screenplayTextAddress /^\(+\{2,\}\|[^[:+]*\):/ contained nextgroup=screenplayTextInnerDesc
 syntax match screenplayTextInnerDesc /\[\_.\{-0,}\]/ contained nextgroup=screenplayTextInnerDesc
 hi def link screenplayTextDescription PreProc
 hi def link screenplayTextInnerDesc PreProc
 hi def screenplayTextAddress      term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
-let b:current_syntax="ScreenplayText"
-runtime! syntax/xml.vim
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