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More tests.

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 use utf8;
-use Test::More tests => 4;
+use Test::More tests => 6;
 use XML::Grammar::FictionBase::FromProto::Parser::LineIterator;
     # TEST
     ok (scalar($parser->at_line_start()), 
         "Parser is at line start.");
+    {
+        my ($l_ref, $pos) = $parser->curr_line_and_pos();
+        # TEST
+        is ($$l_ref, 
+            qq{I had called upon my friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, one day in the autumn of\n},
+            "Line ref of ->curr_line_and_pos() is OK."
+        );
+        # TEST
+        is ($pos, 0, "Pos of ->curr_line_and_pos() is OK.")
+    }
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