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Add support for italics in the XSLT, Changes, etc.

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         - they cancelled each other most of the time except for in this 
+    * ::Screenplay - add support for Screenplay-Text's <i> tags which get
+    translated into Screenplay-XML's <italics> tags.
 0.1.3       Fri Dec 17 19:38:45 IST 2010
         - Moved some unused source files to the rejects directory.
         - Convert to the new XML-Grammar-Fiction-Builder which uses

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+<xsl:template match="sp:italics">
+    <em class="italics">
+        <xsl:apply-templates />
+    </em>
 <xsl:template match="sp:inlinedesc">
     <span class="inlinedesc">[<xsl:apply-templates />]</span>

File perl/modules/XML-Grammar-Fiction/lib/XML/Grammar/Screenplay.pm

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 =item 2. XML-like tags.
-Supported tags are C<< <b> >> for bold tags, C<< <a href="..."> >> for
-hyperlinks, and an empty C<< <br /> >> tag for line-breaks.
+Supported tags are C<< <b> >> for bold text, C<< <i> >> for italics,
+C<< <a href="..."> >> for hyperlinks, and an empty C<< <br /> >> tag for line-breaks.
 =item 3. Entities