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Mention <ol>|<li>|<ul> in the Changes and revised the description.

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 Revision history for XML-Grammar-Fiction.
+    * Add support for <ol>, <li> and <ul> to Fiction-Text and Fiction-XML.
 0.1.7       Tue Apr 19 00:55:07 IDT 2011
     * Add support for &#91; and other numeric entities.

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 =head1 FORMAT
-=head2 Scenes
+=head2 Sections
 Sections are placed in XML-like tags of C<< <section> ... </section> >> or
 abbreviated as C<< <s> ... </s> >>. Opening tags in the format may have 
+=head2 Types of top-level items.
+=head3 Paragraphs
+These are not delimited by anything - just a paragraph of text not containing
+an empty line.
+=head3 <ol>
+This is an ordered list with <li>s, similar to its purpose in XHTML.
+=head3 <ul>
+An unordered list.
 =head2 EXAMPLES
 Examples can be found in the C<t/data> directory, and here: