Anonymous committed 625fc41

Bump the dependencies on Test::XML and XML::SemanticDiff.

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         'File::Spec' => 0,
         'strict' => 0,
         'Test::More' => 0,
-        'Test::XML' => 0,
+        'Test::XML' => '0.08',
         'warnings' => 0,
         'XML::LibXML' => 0,
+        'XML::SemanticDiff' => '1.0000',
     requires => 


     * Add support for the lang="..." attribute in <section>/<s>.
     * Add the <span> tag for Fiction-Text (already exists in Fiction-XML).
         - supports two attributes - lang -> xml:lang and id -> xml:id.
+    * Bumped the testing dependencies for Test::XML version '0.08' and
+    XML::SemanticDiff '1.0000' - the test failed otherwise.
 0.6.0      Mon May 23 22:59:05 IDT 2011
     * Add the version="5.0" attribute to the top-level tag of the
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