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More Fiction->Screenplay modification.

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File perl/modules/XML-Grammar-Fiction/lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/FromProto/Parser.pm

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 =head1 NAME
 XML::Grammar::Fiction::FromProto::Parser - base class for parsers of the
-ScreenplayXML proto-text.
+Fiction-XML proto-text.
 B<For internal use only>.

File perl/modules/XML-Grammar-Fiction/lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/FromProto/Parser/QnD.pm

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 =head1 NAME
 XML::Grammar::Fiction::FromProto::Parser::QnD - Quick and Dirty parser
-for the Screenplay-XML proto-text.
+for the Fiction-XML proto-text.
 B<For internal use only>.

File perl/modules/XML-Grammar-Fiction/lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/ToHTML.pm

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 =head1 NAME
-XML::Grammar::Fiction::ToHTML - module that converts the Screenplay
+XML::Grammar::Fiction::ToHTML - module that converts the Fiction-XML to HTML.
 =head1 VERSION
-Version 0.0600
+Version 0.0.1
-our $VERSION = '0.0600';
+our $VERSION = '0.0.1';
 =head2 new()