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 Revision history for XML-Grammar-Fiction.
+    * Add extradata/screenplay-xml-to-tei.xslt and 
+    lib/XML/Grammar/Screenplay/ - add tests for them.
+        - They convert Screenplay-XML into TEI - Text Encoding Initiative,
+        a markup language for digital representation of texts (especially 
+        artsy texts such as screenplays, prose or poems) 
+            - .
+        - This will allow for easier conversion into XSL-FO, as well as many
+        other formats.
+    * Got rid of the <!DOCTYPE .... > declaration in the Screenplay-XML
+    output (it confused the heck out of xsltproc and was not really needed
+    as we use a RELAX-NG schema instead of a DTD.)
 0.2.0       Fri May 13 16:56:00 IDT 2011
     * Add support for <ol>, <li> and <ul> to Fiction-Text and Fiction-XML.
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