Shlomi Fish committed dc1c52b

Explicit version for File-Find-Object-Rule.

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 Revision history for XML-Grammar-Fiction.
+    * Add an explicit version of 0.0301 to File::Find::Object::Rule .
+        - With lower versions tests fail.
+        - Thanks to Slaven Rezic for the report and investigation.
 0.9.2       Sat 28 Jul 11:27:22 IDT 2012
     * Add List::MoreUtils to the dependencies.
         - Some build failures at:


 use Test::More;
-eval "use File::Find::Object::Rule";
+eval "use File::Find::Object::Rule 0.0301";
 if ($@)
     plan skip_all => "File::Find::Object::Rule required for trailing space test.";
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