Shlomi Fish committed f84e7c4

Convert ::Screenplay::ToDocBook to XML::GrammarBase .

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     * Convert to XML::GrammarBase :
         - lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/
         - lib/XML/Grammar/Fiction/
+        - lib/XML/Grammar/Screenplay/
         - lib/XML/Grammar/Screenplay/
         - lib/XML/Grammar/Screenplay/


 use MooX 'late';
+use XML::GrammarBase::Role::RelaxNG;
+use XML::GrammarBase::Role::XSLT;
-has '+xslt_transform_basename' => (default => "screenplay-xml-to-docbook.xslt");
+with ('XML::GrammarBase::Role::RelaxNG');
+with XSLT(output_format => 'docbook');
+has '+module_base' => (default => 'XML-Grammar-Fiction');
+has '+rng_schema_basename' => (default => 'screenplay-xml.rng');
+has '+to_docbook_xslt_transform_basename' =>
+    default => 'screenplay-xml-to-docbook.xslt',
 =head1 NAME
     my ($self, $args) = @_;
-    return $self->perform_translation($args);
+    return $self->perform_xslt_translation(
+        {output_format => 'docbook', %{$args}}
+    );
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