Fiction-XML / perl / modules / XML-Grammar-Fiction / lib / XML / Grammar / Fiction / FromProto / Node /

package XML::Grammar::Fiction::FromProto::Node::Element;

=head1 NAME

XML::Grammar::Fiction::FromProto::Node::Element - an XML element node.


use MooX 'late';

our $VERSION = '0.14.6';


has 'name' => (isa => 'Str', is => 'rw');
has 'attrs' => (isa => 'ArrayRef', is => 'rw');
has 'open_line' => (isa => 'Maybe[Int]', is => 'rw');

=head1 METHODS

=head2 lookup_attr

Internal use.


sub lookup_attr
    my ($self, $attr_name) = @_;

    my $pair = List::Util::first { $_->{key} eq $attr_name } (@{$self->attrs()});

    if (!defined($pair))
        return undef;
        return $pair->{value};

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