Fiction-XML / perl / modules / XML-Grammar-Fiction / t / screenplay / data / proto-text / with-i-element-inside-paragraphs.txt

<s id="top">

<s id="david_and_goliath">

[David and <a href="">Goliath</a> are 
standing by each other.]

David: I will kill you.

Goliath: no way, you little idiot!

David: yes way!

++++: In the name of <a href="http://real-allah.tld/">Allah, the 
<i>merciful</i>, real merciful</a>, I will show you the power of my sling. 

++: I shall sling you and bing you till infinity.

[David takes his sling.]

Goliath: I'm still <a href="http://wait.tld/">waiting</a>.

David: so you are.

[David puts a stone in his sling and shoots Goliath. He hits.]