Fiction-XML / perl / modules / XML-Grammar-Fiction / TODO

* ::Fiction: Implement the correct handling of leading special characters in
lines. Currently, they are processed as they are, without generating an error.

* Convert the parsing errors from Carp::confess to Exception::Class

This will allow a friendlier diagnostic. Carp::confess was implemented due to
laziness on the programmers' part.

* ::Fiction : add a feature for a formatting tag at the beginning of a
paragraph, that will not be mistaken for a top-level tag:


+<b>Hello</b>: There.


* Write unit tests for

* Add more necessary tags and features.

* Convert the XML grammar to use the xlink namespace for links.

* Regularise the XML grammars of XML-Grammar-Fiction and XML-Grammar-Screenplay.

* Merge more tests.

* Make the ::Screenplay exceptions contain the opening line closing line
and generally more context (currently they are guess-work).

* ::Screenplay - Fix the innerdesc on the start of the line in the middle of
the paragraph. Like:

Hi I went to the store and
[walks around the room, nervous] bought a chocolate bar.

* Can we include some stray sayings at the beginning of the scene without an
inner wrapping scene:

David: prepare for judgement day.

Goliath: First, let's go the next scene:

<s id="....>

Goliath: OK, now we can continue, you were saying...

David: Judgement day.

Goliath: yes, what about it?

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