Fiction-XML / perl / modules / XML-Grammar-Fiction / lib / XML / Grammar / Screenplay / App /

package XML::Grammar::Screenplay::App::FromProto;

use strict;
use warnings;
use autodie;

use base 'Exporter';

our @EXPORT = (qw(run));

use Getopt::Long;

use XML::Grammar::Screenplay::FromProto;
use XML::Grammar::Screenplay::FromProto::Parser::QnD;

our $VERSION = '0.14.4';

=head1 NAME

XML::Grammar::Screenplay::App::FromProto - module implementing
a command line application to convert a well-formed text to
Screenplay XML.

=head1 VERSION



    perl -MXML::Grammar::Screenplay::App::FromProto -e 'run()' -- \
	-o $@ $<


=head2 run()

Call with no arguments to run the application from the commandline.


sub run
    my $output_filename;

        "output|o=s" => \$output_filename,

    if (!defined($output_filename))
        die "Output filename not specified! Use the -o|--output flag!";

    my $converter = XML::Grammar::Screenplay::FromProto->new({
        parser_class => "XML::Grammar::Screenplay::FromProto::Parser::QnD",

            convert_args =>
                source => { file => shift(@ARGV), },
            output_filename => $output_filename,


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